Attention to Retail

Designers want to make incredible logos and packages, and printers want those designs to be perfectly executed examples of great manufacturing. That said, even the most incredible work won't be seen or sold unless they first win a retail store buyer’s enthusiasm.

The beer buyer for a major national grocery chain told the team at Anton Kimball Design that of the 765 microbrew presentations he reviewed last year, only 32 merited approval to be sold in his stores. The +700 beers that did not get picked-up? Only about 40 of them are still being produced.

These kinds of statistics exist in most retail categories. If you are on the shelf, you can prosper. If you don't get placement, you are out of business. Literally.

We use this example to explain that the public never sees the failed presentations, they only see the winning ones - the products and packages that convinced store buyers to carry them. (By the way, of those 32 selected microbrews, nearly half featured logos and artwork by Kimball Design.)

Anton Kimball’s presentation, “Attention to Retail,” highlights how our studio uses unique and expert designs to influence store buyers, get products on shelves, and create excitement with the public.

Kimball’s presentation includes techniques, tricks, and manufacturing ideas to help designers and their clients compete and win at retail, including - how to introduce new brands, taking a brand to the next level, and "making over" established brands for renewed impact. Case studies include the repositioning of Lundberg Family Farms and L’Ecole No. 41 winery, product naming and new packaging for PetSmart pet foods, packaging and trade show graphics for Bio-Kinetics Baby Cereals; and brand, package, and website design for Gypsy Crunch Granola.

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Anton Kimball Design

Anton Kimball Design is a retail consultancy, focused for 35 years on graphics and brand designs that sell products and services.

  • Sunday, October 05
    7:00 PM to 8:00 PM