Beyond Grades, Walls and Online Learning : The Future of Education in a Freelance World

40% of the American workforce in 2020 will be comprised of freelancers, yet the American education system was designed to prepare students for long term careers in hierarchical factories or corporations. Recent and current educational reforms from "No Child Left Behind" to "Common Core" push standardization and outcomes in a world that increasingly values customization and process. Catlin Gabel teacher and Startup Camp Co-Organizer, Meredith Goddard, wants to reimagine and redesign our educational system as we know it. She will propose radical redesigns to current educational practices and educational infrastructure that are not only feasible, but affordable. There are incredible opportunities for learning, making and skill development beyond grades, walls, and online learning. Let's make sure the skills that are sought by employers in the future are taught in classrooms today. Let's make sure that the incentive systems used in schools reflect incentive systems in the business world. Most of all, let's liberate students from the confines of our own educational experiences so that they experience a richer, skill-based, authentic, open, and collaborative learning environment.

Meredith will lead off the event with a talk on educational futurism. She will be followed by experiential educator Renee Jenkinson, who will present on pop up schools, and increasing access to information by re-defining the the gatekeepers of knowledge. Local maker, teacher and innovator, Travis Feldman will round out the presentation portion of the event by discussing his vision for a "mobile makerfleet" in Portland. The second part of the event will be an open discussion, ideation session, and development of an action plan to better serve Portland, and America's, youth.