Creative Round Robin: Make / Mend / Reflect

Enjoy a round robin of creativity exercises led by visiting authors Betsy Greer (Knitting for Good/Craftivism), Kim Werker (Make It Mighty Ugly/Crochet Me), and Leanne Prain (Yarn Bombing/Strange Material).

Kim Werker will walk you through slaying some creative demons by making an ugly creature. Not cute-ugly – ugly-ugly. On purpose. Craft doesn't always have to be pretty.

Leanne Prain will then lead you through a series of short writing prompts inspired by textiles, creative storytelling, and your ugly creature. Make up an imaginary world or dive into your past memories to develop new stories to use in your artwork.

Betsy Greer will smooth over the rough patches with a mindful mending workshop, showing how such small acts can be their own kind of activism that can lead to exciting change.

Each instructor will facilitate a 30-minute hands-on session, with lots of time to make and to ask questions. Total workshop duration: 2 hours.