Curiosity Club Panel Discussion "This is It - Or is It?"

Hand-Eye Supply presents the second installment in the Process, Praxis and Pitfalls series. A panel of Curiosity Club Alumni will share tales of tribulation and triumph from their personal, career and creative paths. This year’s focus: the moments of realization that you have arrived on your chosen path and heard your calling... or the moment you've come to realize that you’re several rungs up a ladder you didn't want to climb.

Confirmed Speakers:

Dee Williams - Portland Alternative Dwellings -
Niko Courtelis -
Dave Selden - 33 Books -
Nial McGaughey - Hovercraft Amplifiers -
Kate Bingaman-Burt -

Established in October 2010, the Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club is a series featuring an eclectic group of speakers across a broad range of subjects around our shared interests in the areas of culture, design, science, technology, art, fabrication, design techniques and lost common knowledge. The Curiosity Club is honored to have a diverse and accomplished group of alumni; our group boasts of designers, tinkerers, makers, writers, theorists, open source manufacturing advocates, teachers, a cyborg anthropologist, a historian, a luthier, a pinhole camera maker, a knife maker, a one-wheeled motorcycle designer and developer, a chef, an upholsterer, an amateur rocket scientist, an improv comedian, cargo bike builders. With each Curiosity Club meeting, the list continues to grow, feeding our natural curiosities with the fascinating expertise of equally fascinating people.