Design + Biomimicry: Applying Whole-(eco)Systems Thinking

Living in turbulent times demands extraordinary imagination and innovation to survive. We are expected to be more creative, use less resources, and operate in systems that resist change. With several million years of experience, Nature is more complex, dynamic, and wondrous than anything we presently can imagine. We have a lot to learn, from Nature as a part of it.

Designers and non-designers alike have a capacity to use “whole-systems thinking” as well as "design thinking" to solve our most pressing challenges, environmental and social. Biomimicry, the practice of creating solutions inspired by nature, has proven its potential when developing products that radically disrupt markets as we know them.

You may be familiar with examples of biomimicry such as Velcro, the bullet train in Japan, and even Pax Fan, as Jay Harman shared during Design Week last year. But HOW might we (all of us) use "biomimicry thinking"? How might we create designs that catalyze the transformation that the world desperately needs?

For this Portland lecture, we will provide an introduction to the ideas behind “Bio-aligned Design” and how they can be applied - used as a process for innovation, a set of life-supporting principles, and core to your business and design practices.

We will share our unique perspective on where biomimicry thinking fits into the innovation process, why it matters, and how we might get there.

Where is it?

We're excited to hold our events at Hatch (NE 24th and Sandy Blvd), a social innovation lab -- we share a passion to design with purpose.

Monday - Oct 6, 2014 - 6:30-7:30pm

What else is happening?

Want to learn more about our “bio-aligned" or "inspired by nature" concepts, methods, and tools? Check out our other DW event, an interactive workshop to practice new ways thinking:

Tools for Using Bio-Aligned Design (Tuesday, 10-noon or 6-8pm):

We'll also be at Hatch's Open House (Wednesday, 4-7pm)

Hope to see you there!
- BCI team

Event Organizer

Biomimicry for Creative Innovation

BCI works to help others integrate ecological + whole systems thinking into their design, business, and educational practices.

  • Monday, October 06
    6:30 PM to 7:30 PM