Fieldwork 4 Human Computer Interaction

A growing number of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researchers and practitioners use the results of fieldwork to guide the design and evaluate the user experience of interactive systems and technologies. Why? Because data about real people in real situations spurs creativity and innovation around practical challenges, resulting in more useful and usable artifacts.

Fieldwork for HCI typically consists of firsthand observations made in the naturally occurring environment of use (as opposed to studies performed in a controlled environment). Many of the techniques are adapted from anthropology – particularly ethnography.

During Design Week, we hold the first session of this 4 part workshop. Each session builds on the prior one. Participants are expected to attend three private classroom sessions, to complete group assignments in between, and to ‘report out’ on the process and lessons learned at the last session, an open CHIFOO event.

The Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon - CHIFOO - recognizes a local need for more basic training in UX design. This practicum is a new offering by CHIFOO, separate from the popular monthly guest lecture series. Led by industry experts Sara Bly and Francoise Brun-Cottan, this unique pilot program serves as a first test model for future educational programs by CHIFOO.