HQ Activity: Be the Subject of a Mural

Come sit for a portrait at the domes and become part of a Portland maker mural!

Portland is the city where everyone is a craftsman, whether it be as simple as growing your own fruits and vegetables or making a chair out of reclaimed barn wood. Here in the City of Roses, if it can be handmade it usually is.

The Inside Out Project is a non-profit organization that helps bring art to all corners of the world, changing it one wall at a time. With the help of One Grand Gallery, a contemporary art gallery on lower East Burnside, the Inside Out Project will debut it’s third art installation for the people of Portland. “Portland Makers” will feature a range from restaurateurs to fabricators and everywhere in between.

Design Week Portland is a time for experimenting and showcasing some of our city’s greatest talent, helping push our creativity to forefront. It is time to put a face to Portland’s many designers and help establish a cultural dialogue about how and why this little city came to be one of the driving forces behind companies like Nike, Adidas, and Tanner Goods.

Because of the subject matter in this upcoming installation teaming up with Design Week Portland to explore process, practice, and craft seems ideal. As Portland keeps growing more and more creators are beginning to emerge, with this collaboration we would help celebrate the array of artists featured at Design Week. Come be part of it!