Perspectives on the Evolving Book Object

POCKET NOTES, a digital online journal of process-based ephemera, invites the proprietors of local businesses Publication Studio, Division Leap, Monograph Bookwerks, and Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books to share their insight on book design and curatorial practices. The discussion will center on the processes of bookmaking and collecting as forms of curating a visual library and collective memory. How is the life of a book (as an art object and/or otherwise) envisioned and evolving? How have the technologies involved in book production changed the trade economy, artistic practices and the notion of the book as an art object? Join us for a book exhibition directly following the discussion.

Moderators: John Beer & Amaranth Borsuk

Panelists: Patricia No & Antonia Pinter (Publication Studio); Adam Davis (Division Leap); John Brodie & Blair Saxon-Hill (Monograph Bookwerks); Myles Haselhorst (Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books)