Portland Past Present Future: Our Architectural Narrative

What do the buildings we choose to construct, demolish, restore, and inhabit tell the world about us?

"You can't go anywhere in Portland without stumbling into a conversation, or an argument, about change and growth and development," says Dave Weich, Sheepscot Creative's founder. "It made me wonder, How Portland got here and what we're doing to shape its future now, what does that say about us? How does that narrative get told, through our building choices and the way we talk about them?"

What's Portland's story? Where's it headed?


Joe Zehnder (chief planner, City of Portland)
Tyler Robinson (art director, Portlandia)
David Staczek (principal, ZGF Architects)
Reiko Hillyer (historian, Lewis & Clark College)
Peggy Moretti (executive director, Restore Oregon)
Courtenay Hameister (head writer, Live Wire Radio)
Dave Weich (founder, Sheepscot Creative)

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