ShowPDX 2014

Sunday 10/5, 6pm Meet Your Maker Party, Show2014, browse the furniture with exhibitors in attendance. Refeshments provided.

Tuesday 10/7, Thursday 10/9 5:30-7pm, Show2014 Design Discussions: Moderated design discussions will be presented by jurors and exhibitors.

The Show exhibit takes place October 1st-14th, 2014. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to preview the show on Oct 1st at 6pm, meet designers during open hours, and support this unique local exhibit now in its 9th year. Suggested donation at the door, with refreshments served. All proceeds to benefit ShowPDX as an ongoing archive of the evolution of NW design.

Event sponsors include: Rejuvenation, Blacktop Films, Broder Nord, Aniche Cellars, Captured by Porches, Cass of Bass, Creative Woodworking, Real Good Food, and Trifecta.