The Inevitable City - Film Series

Urbanity. Density. People. Cities promise opportunity, and represent both perseverance, struggle, failure, and success. By some estimates, our planet will be home to over 9 billion people by 20501 70% of us in urban centers at the peak of this growth contending with drastic changes—in lifestyle, strains on the earth’s resources, with infrastructural and logistical capacities—are prerequisite for living life in the city. At a little under four decades from now, this is a reality that in relative terms is just around the corner.

How will humanity adapt? Our series this year revolves around this broad question, which is both exciting in possibility and daunting in its sheer scale. The films span utopian futures, frightening visions, and everything in between—including the documentation of evolving urban life right before our very eyes.

Will our actions be guided by care, or will we succumb to forces seemingly beyond our control? Although we have no choice but to try to find answers, the series selections provoke us to think carefully of the repercussions—so that with some foresight and a bit of luck, our endeavors are anchored by both open eyes and open mind.

Film Selections:
Citizen Architect
The End of Suburbia

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—Balázs Bognár, Kengo Kuma & Associates, 2014 CFA Film Series Curator

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