Walking Tour of a Redesigned 3rd Avenue

Explore the Old Town you didn't know existed (because it didn't)!

Old Town Businesses and Better Block PDX will launch a three-day complete streets demonstration along 3rd Avenue in Old Town (starting 7am on Friday 10/3 and running until 10pm on Sunday 10/5). The re-imagined streets will provide community space, bike lanes and public seating areas. This project will allow Portlanders to use the streetscape on 3rd Ave in Old Town/Chinatown in a way never before possible, with a particular emphasis on pedestrian travel and public space.

This meandering tour, created as part of Walktober PDX, will be led by Better Block PDX supporter and Oregon Walks Board Member Kari Schlosshauer. The route will highlight the quick-and-easy tools that Better Block PDX uses to demonstrate what's possible when re-imagining our city to be more people-friendly, and talk about how it's possible to make Better Blocks happen elsewhere.

Kids very welcome. We'll end at a coffeeshop or find a restaurant for lunch at noon and enjoy the more than a thousand square feet of new pedestrianized space.