What sparks innovation? A panel discussion led by Marty Neumeier

True innovations offer us new and better ways to interact with the world and each other. So, what sparks innovation? How do you create environments that fuel innovation? How do you bridge doing what what works and the potential for failure that comes with experimentation? At Liquid Agency we are interested in understanding how to encourage innovation through a combination of courage and process. Join us for a provocative evening of discussion and debate led by Marty Neumeier.

The panelists:

Genevieve Bell
Cultural Anthropologist, Intel

Jeff Faulkner
Creative & UX Director, Analog, XBox

Mohan Nair
Senior VP and Chief Innovation Officer at Cambia Health Solutions

Michael Shea
Former Creative Director of Nike's Innovation Kitchen
Principal, School+Jackson.

Event Organizer

Liquid Agency

Liquid creates meaningful branded experiences through a uniquely collaborative approach. We advance brands through Silicon Valley Thinking.

  • Tuesday, October 07
    7:30 PM to 10:00 PM