Well it looks like this whole 3D printing thing isn’t going away, so let’s meet the inventors and innovators, the toyers and tinkerers, not to mention the major manufacturers. The bespoke world is coming and the old-schoolers are shaking in their generic boots. From remarkable robots and fierce fashion to human tissue and—wait for it—a 3D printed house (!), we’re still just scratching the surface of what additive manufacturing has in store for designers.

So whip up an acceptable outfit and make your way over to the Autodesk XShop Design Studio and UX Lab to have your brain blown by the future of 3D printing. Tour the XShop, UX Lab, and Gallery. See a 3D printed motorcycle!

We’re hosting the Portland 3D Printing Lab meetup, where members will bring their favorite prints. Come vote for your favorite print in the 3D Printing Lounge!

Planning to stop by?