c3:initiative | Pulp & Deckle

Greetings from Pulp & Deckle

Located in downtown St. Johns in North Portland, c3:initiative runs a process-based artist residency program focused on connecting creators and communities. From working with local and international artists via exhibitions and collaborative programs, to hosting film screenings and artist talks, the organization is dedicated to facilitating artistic exchange and developing educational opportunities by cultivating dialogue between disparate communities.

To highlight their recently launched studio incubator program, c3:initiative is featuring incubator recipient, Pulp & Deckle, in their exhibition space from September 5 - October 11. Showcasing Portland’s only public papermaking studio, c3 will introduce this resource to the art and design community.

During the Design Week Open house c3:initiative and Pulp & Deckle invite visitors to participate in papermaking demonstrations and create a postcard artwork to be added to the community postcard exhibit.

About the Exhibition
The exhibition features work created in collaboration with Pulp & Deckle as well as the studio’s invitational postcard project. Including a variety of artists, writers, and makers, the exhibition demonstrates the myriad ways handmade paper can be approached and utilized.

About the Pulp & Deckle Postcard Project
Throughout their history, postcards have functioned not only as a medium for communication, but also as souvenirs, advertisement, and propaganda platforms. Typically featuring images of monuments, idealized landscapes, boosterism, and kitsch, postcards are seen as a way to send a message from a specific time and place. Pulp & Deckle will transform the ubiquitous and mass produced postcard into a more intimate exchange by inviting local artists, writers, makers, and the public to respond. In using post-consumer waste and plants, Pulp & Deckle is interested in using design as a tool to transform disposable materials into vehicles for the exchange of ideas.