Raise a glass to The Cup.

It’s red. It’s plastic. It’s even got a song dedicated to it. And for one night, it’s an art form. Join CMD for our open house as we celebrate the humble Solo cup, not just as a container for tasty beverages, but as a design icon and art medium. We’ll have a cup art gallery where you can check out originals handcrafted by CMDers. We’ll also have creation stations with more red cups than you can shake a Sharpie at (which we’ll have plenty of), so you can make your own piece of Solo artistry.

Prefer your red Solo cup the way it was intended? Then fill it with some regionally-crafted beer or wine (don't worry, oenophiles, we'll have glasses), grab a bite and take a look around our redesigned space. We like it. We think you will, too.