Digital One

In a world where ear candy has become a delicious and prized commodity, where all sounds sound better and audio craftsmanship is a naughty word in the best way possible, we find Digital One, hunkering down, spinning sonnets of sonic splendor with serious skill, in Southwest PDX.

Encompassing the realm of audio post, editorial, casting and music supervision, the Dig1 studios are a place where web films, interactive endeavors, TV spots and feature-length films come to truly live. Consider it a day-spa of sorts, where sound design, dialog and music are bathed, massaged and polished with the utmost care.

Dig1 shares their mid-century dwelling with the impeccable and impressive video house Mission Control --- both studios will be open and available for design-minded folk to wander through and soak in the sights & sounds. There will be music, cornhole, libations and amazingness. Come to the party ready to party.