We are a socially-conscious data visualization firm that helps companies and organizations promote information transparency and public awareness. From endangered species, to sustainability, to politics, to social justice, it is our goal to use technology to visualize solutions that engage the public and deliver messages of action.

We have a very strong desire to work with organizations involved in environmental issues, human rights, peace and equality, education, and the arts. This desire influences every aspect of our business, from the clients we approach to the methods and philosophy behind our design decisions.

Working in this nascent field for over ten years, we are well established, award-winning, and considered one of the top visualization firms in the world.

Our tagline, “do good with data” describes our philosophy, as well as our approach.

During the Open House we will have a large multi-panel touch screen wall and a brainwave-reading headset to show examples of work.

We'll also have fun activities that involve sorting, organizing and patterns, as well as a giveaway at the end of the night for a set of excellent books!

Food and libations offered.

Photos of our space during a previous event can be seen here: