Portland State Graphic Design Program

We are PSUGD!

We make. We think. We believe learning is the same thing as doing.

We are students, but our classroom is as big as the whole city or maybe even the whole internet.

We can make a mean moodboard. (Or a nice one, but you know what we mean.)

We take risks, and we experiment. We know how to push it. Yes, this sometimes means making design with weird food, or gathering all of our classmates into an impromptu photoshoot. Sometimes it requires a drive to the beach or an all-nighter. But we are in search of the best design solutions, so it’s worth it.

Our toolboxes are as varied as our student body: we wield Micron pens, homemade stencils, wireless mouses (mice?), cascading style sheets, and extreme amounts of black matte board.

We are a graphic design army, and our weapons are pencils, perseverance, excellent file management, and those metal rulers with the cork bottom. Our enemy? Boredom.

We go to class and we do all the homework, but it doesn’t stop there. Factor in workshops, field trips, lunchtime lectures, portfolio reviews, and late-night G-Chat conversations with fellow classmates — and you’ve got a more realistic view of what it’s like to be a PSU.GD’er.

Our teachers include the people whose names are on the syllabus, but also our internship bosses, guests to our lunchtime lectures, and the alumni who come back to check out our portfolios. We’re like members of a big, weird, super-creative, hard-working family.

Come and see where we work & play!