White Space Gallery

White Space is an art gallery, wine bar and event space in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. White Space features artists from the Pacific Northwest with a focus on modern and contemporary art. Offering artist studio and gallery display spaces, the artists are often in the space creating new works.

Our featured artist for October is George Perrou. Inspired by mid-century animation, George Perrou's 'Mod-Culture' art gives nods to Miro, Kandinsky and Calder. Channeling the the Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. cartoons of his youth, Perrou's is a style all his own, painting colorful abstractions of reality onto the canvas using retro and modern colors in acrylic.

For the Open House, artists will be working in the space and available to talk about their style and works.

White Space is active in the Pearl arts district and hosts new exhibits on First Thursdays. The studio also offers art consulting services to help you find the perfect art to enhance your home, office, or professional space.

We are open Tue-Thur 2pm-10pm; Fri-Sat 2pm-12am; Sun 9am-3pm.